Purple and Denim

This outfit  is super comfortable. ❤ The shirt came from my mom as a present, and the jeans I got a few years back for my birthday. The boots were about $12  and would have been $40 but were on sale!! 😮


I think pants are fine to wear and I wear them often in the winter. I don’t think that skin tight leggings are okay–unless you wear them under a dress or something. I wear tighter jeans often, but I wear a longer shirt most of the time with them.

Once summer comes, you’ll see how often I wear skirts. 🙂 lol Also, my pictures will be taken outside or with a neater background from now on. This one wasn’t very well taken, though.

Farewell for now!



5 thoughts on “Purple and Denim

      1. Thanks! By the way, I just realized my foot got like an inch taller yesterday, so they don’t fit me anymore. ;( But Mom says we’ll go to the store soon and get me a new pair!

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