Michigan Shirt + Black Skirt

Hello All! I have time to finally post on here! 😛 So sorry about my lack of posts.  Been pretty busy — and I keep forgetting to take pictures, which if more of my problem…



Yes, today I made a Michigan shirt! Now, I am not a sports person AT. ALL. I would probably tell you Michigan is some tennis team or something like that…because I have no idea. But I do know that my family and friends are all Michigan fans, so this seemed like a good idea. 😛


Today was rainy, (ya know, like every day) and so I didn’t really feel in the mood to “Dress up”. I had originally dressed in the morning in a yellow Tshirt, Green shrug and this black skirt. Didn’t really match the best, but…whatever. Then. I got the inspiration to sew. Which has been rare lately. I dug around in our huge craft cabinet with all of our fabric. I pulled out a shapeless, square-like old shirt of my brother’s with awkward three-quarter length sleeves that just looked bad. Apparently, we were saving it for scrap material. At first, I thought, “Eh, maybe I’ll try and make a pillow or something.” But then, I realized, “Hey, I could almost make this fit me.”

Snip. Snip.Snip.

“Hey!! It will actually work!”

And so began my sewing project.

Unfortunately, I do not have like a pattern or anything… but I did not follow any directions whatsoever. I literally folded the shirt in half, estimated how much I should take off, and cut open. It looked awful at first…but ended up workin’ out! Once, I did try it on, and it seemed a little small. So it was. It is tight, and may not fit for long, but I still am proud of it!

Anyways… I cut down both sides, completely redid the sleeves, (Even hemming them!! :O AH!) and voila! A fitted Tshirt, which originally was a boy’s, kind of ugly long sleeve. 🙂

I am so happy with it!




Completely re-hemmed!



Go Michigan!

And my favorite shoes ever in the history of being alive:


(And a totally random picture of my hair…it is so loong!)


Well…I have more pictures to come! I just hope I won’t take so long in posting. 😛



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