Sewing Tutorial~~How to Resew a T-shirt

So today, I decided to redo another Tshirt so that I could take pictures this time and be able to post them. πŸ™‚ I twas originally going to be for me, and I had this whole plan to redo the whole front of the shirt, and resew it and make the front the back, or whatever…but ya know–that’s easier said than done. So instead I did exactly what I did yesterday with the Michigan shirt. πŸ™‚

I dug around for another T-shirt–weirdly, we have *lot* of Thsirts in there that no-one wears. So I found a huge Tshirt that used to be my dad’s cousin. It says HHS Senior Survivor. (Howell High School). It was perfect!

So…I got the camera out and started taking step-by-step pictures. But, sadly, the camera would not focus because our basement doesn’t have the best lighting. πŸ˜₯ So it may be hard to see.

Also note I am a reckless sewer. So you may see very jagged edges. A lot.

This is what it looked like:



And I won’t show you what it looks like at the end yet–MWAHAHA!

So first I cut open the sleeve. There is a picture:


Then I pretty much trimmed up the sleeves. Sorry that’s kind of vague…I didn’t get photos. I basically just cut open the sleeves and trimmed off like more than an inch on the end. (The opening where the end of the sleeve is.)


Ended up looking like this. ^

I know it looks silly. But just keep reading…


I cut open the sides. Then I narrowed them down so that it was more like a a tapered waist. (I do not know how to explain it in all the “technical” terms!)



So now it is a little bit more fitted. And not so blockish.


It was really tall. So I cut off a good couple inches on the end. I do not use that little sewing version of an Exacto knife. :p

Please don’t cringe at my crooked, jagged edges.


New length.

Next, I turned it inside out and started sewing the sides together.
I finished sewing the sides together and folded the edges of the sleeves to make a new re-hemmed edge.
Then ya’ sew it! Make sure not to sew them closed… :-/
Then you refold the edge, since I totally cut into it, and sew a new hemline.


It originally was supposed to fit me, but very very soon into the project I realized it would be to small. Like, *way* to small. But all was not for naught!

I just tossed it on Anna’s lap and told her she had a new shirt.Β  πŸ™‚ She was totally fine with it and even though the words on it are completely meaningless to an eight-year old second-grader, she still wears it. lol


If you want to try it, go right ahead. But I would try it on a shirt you don’t care at all about so that if you completely ruin it, there’s no problem. And, go ahead and make everything more precise. Please don’t wing it like I did. πŸ˜› Haha.



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