Dressed for the West


Okay, so this is really funny. The other day at Salvation Army, (because we go there all the time! And I am not ashamed!) I found these really cute boots. I bought them. Because boots are my weakness. 😛

We go to Howell. I’m looking in my grandma’s closet for some lost tennis shoes. I find all these clothes…so I go downstairs and ask her, “What are all those clothes up in the closet?” She laughs and goes, “They’re all mine! I just never got rid of them.” It was getting late in the evening, and my mom and us four kids had to start the 45 minute car ride home. I went upstairs and looked at some of them. I found a red and white polka dot dress and was like, “Oh! This is pretty!” Grandma told me she made it. Grandma followed me upstairs and so did mom. Soon we were pulling stuff out and scolding grandma because she had bought so much stuff and wore it only a few times! Some of it was really pretty. So long story short…Grandma gave me this shirt…I guess you could call it a tunic or whatever. But whenever I call it a tunic I think of Pharoh…

So when we finally pulled ourselves away, it was raining hard and it was late. After some discussion, Grandma had persuaded mom to leave us here until Saturday! (It was Thursday night.) So we did. The next day we walked through downtown Howell. I took the camera and got some pictures. Ironically, I chose to wear this:


The shirt is what I found in the closet. 😀 Ha Ha! And the boots are from the thrift store. So are the jeans! In all, I think I spent about $11 on this outfit. But what makes it ironic, is that Grandma goes, “Hey, do you guys want to go into this cowboy store?” So we were all laughing and putting the hats on… and I kind of looked the part!

Sorry I quit posting for so long! I was busy, Internet crashed, I didn’t get around to taking pictures, etc… Well! School starts on September 2! High school for me. Part of me is thrilled that I am finally a freshman, and the other part is wanting to run and hide. Algebra, Biology,…hence the wanting to run away.  No online school this year–yay! I didn’t particularly care for online education. I am really super duper duper excited for school to start back up. That does happen every single year, though. And after the first week I want summer break back! But thyis time I think I’m really excited!

When do y’all start school?



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