Gray and Black

Greetings fellow earthlings! Yesterday was our first day of school and so far I ❤ love ❤ our setup! Biology is (DARE I SAY IT) kind of fun! I thought it would be a lot harder…but it’s easy to understand and not to overwhelming. Plus it’s super neat because they do not promote evolution and instead refer to everything as “God’s creation.” 🙂 I also like Algebra–so far. It’s going to get lots harder, I know, but right now I’m finding I sort of enjoy it. :p Who knew?!


This gray shirt/dress thing came also from my grandmother’s closet. 🙂 Ha ha!! That sounds so funny… but I am not embarrassed! I love this thing. Also, the leggings came from–here, I’ll let you guess.

(a) Salvation Army

(b) Salvation Army


(c) Salvation Army

😛 And the shoes!! The dark blue tank top underneath was bought when my awesome, hilarious cousin and my brother went “shopping” together. (If you want to see pictures, see her great blog!

Anyways, who else is ready for fall?! I AM. ❤




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