Black and White Stripes

You know how you sometimes get bored wearing jeans and a sweatshirt?  At least I do. Yesterday my mom and I were looking at Pinterest for fun and trying to find creative outfits. So this is one of them that I came up with!

2014-10-23 16.36.14

2014-10-23 16.38.09

2014-10-23 16.42.05

The shirt is actually my mom’s. 🙂 It was a little big, so I used a belt to kind of…make it fit.

2014-10-23 16.45.49

2014-10-23 16.40.47
                             This is my random picture of my pink nails.

2014-10-23 16.44.27

2014-10-23 16.29.22

The necklace is also my mom’s. The boots are from Salvation Army just some random place…and the jeans are also from there. :p

Also, I mastered the art of mixing black and brown! ❤

2014-10-23 16.41.35

Have a wonderful weekend! What are you doing this weekend?



4 thoughts on “Black and White Stripes

  1. Wow, Naomi! Your nails are so long!! How do you do it?!?!?!? Love the Boots by – the – way!
    What am I doing this weekend? …… Well hopefully having you over on Sunday! Can’t wait! : )

    Family Music Night is almost here! AAHHHHHH!!

  2. You TOTALLY mastered black and brown! What a cute outfit…because you’ve been asking me for tips on how to wear skirts more, here is a GREAT example. If you wanted to wear a skirt, you could swap the jeans for a denim skirt layer with black or brown leggings. If it’s an even cooler day, pair up with an adorable scarf. Just a hint. 😉 But, you look so cute! I love it!

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