Week of Autumn Outfits 2014

Thank you Libby, for letting me join in on your week of autumn outfits. 🙂 It was fun!

week of autumn outfits

So I’m sorry most of these are taken inside, but it was rainy and cloudy most of the days and I was better off indoors. :-/

2014-11-02 16.08.45

//Outfit Details//

Shirt: Gift from neighbor

Skirt: Salvation Army $?

Boots: Target $15

2014-11-04 17.20.37
  Day 2

//Outfit Details//

All Salvation Army!

2014-11-04 17.24.43
 Day 3

//Outfit Details//

Scarf: Hobby Lobby $5?

Sweater: Gift from neighbor?

Skirt: Salvation Army

2014-11-05 17.03.05
Day 4

//Outfit Details//

All Salvation Army

2014-11-06 16.33.24
Day 5
2014-11-06 16.34.06
                              Without scarf

//Outfit Details//

Shirt: Salvation Army

Belt: Salvation Army

Scarf: Mall

Skirt: Kohls

2014-11-06 16.40.17
Day 6

//Outfit Details//

Shirt: S.A.

Scarf: S.A.

Skirt: Kohls

2014-11-06 16.53.59
Day 7

//Outfit Details//

Long sleeve brown: S.A.

TankTop: Second Time Around in Plymouth

Scarf: Target $5?

Jeans: S.A.

Boots: S.A. $8

I am so so sorry about the indoor photos;they’re never good quality. Go to Libby’s blog to see everyone else’s posts!


week of autumn outfits

Have a great week!!



12 thoughts on “Week of Autumn Outfits 2014

  1. Hello dear Naomi! Wasn’t it a delight joining Libby? Your outfits are simply beautiful – I love the color choices and accessories.

    May you have a blessed day! Hugs

  2. You did it! You wore skirts on colder days….so proud of you! But not only that, you look SO CUTE! I think Day 3 and Day 5 were probably my faves, but they are all super adorable! Your pants outfit is adorable as well!

    Keep shining,
    Ashley B.

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