Technical Difficulties…

Hey y’all! 🙂 I was finally getting around to posting photos that have been sitting on Dropbox for a while. But to my complete and utter dismay… I cannot find any of them!! I think they somehow got deleted. Like three posts worth. 😥 So until I find them (if they still are somewhere) I will instead post these ADORABLE pictures of one of our family members.

2015-01-03 11.33.25

I flipped the camera around so he could see himself and he was really confused for a minute.

2015-01-03 11.33.29

Then I told him to show me what he had in his hand and he started smacking the camera. All donesies.

2015-01-03 11.33.57

This is after he realized that he was seeing himself. Can you say, C–U–T–E?!?!

2015-01-03 11.32.30

He. Loved. Anna. 🙂

Well, I will attempt to retrieve all my pictures…but if they’re gone, they’re gone. Sadness.

I do have a planned post soon!!



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