Sewing Project

Today I turned a pair of gauchos that I never wear into a skirt!! My mom gave me some tips, but I did finally do a sewing project that turned out. 🙂

2015-02-09 16.25.51
I cut the seams apart from the inside of the legs, so that it was an open flap all around. Basically a skirt, only it still was cut open.
2015-02-09 16.26.03
Just a cool picture of the pins 😉

2015-02-09 16.31.15
This is my mom’s sewing machine. It’s really nice–a Brother
2015-02-09 16.33.18
Then I sewed new sides so that the pant legs were connected. And voila–a skirt!!
2015-02-09 16.58.55
The skirt was done…except for this tie that bunched up. So…I sewed the waist just a little bit tighter and cut the tie off.

2015-02-09 17.31.25

And…the finished project!! 😀

2015-02-09 17.10.24
Ignore the different colored shirt…

2015-02-09 17.33.19

2015-02-09 17.35.40
My mom made this scarf out of an old Tshirt!! I don’t remember how exactly though.

2015-02-09 17.15.38

Sew… do you like to sew? 🙂


Have a wonderful day!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sewing Project

  1. I love sewing! I’m getting a blue brother for my birthday… Recently I’ve been borrowing some one else’s…. 😀

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