Modest March Challenge~~Day Thirty One~Bright Colors

march blog challenge

I had super frizzy poofy hair today because I had my damp hair pulled back in a messy, wild bun the whole night, so in the morning it kind of looked a little like I stuck my finger in an outlet. 😛 Thankfully it calmed down later in the day.





It’s completed!! I may take a bit of a break now. 😉

What was your favorite post?

Have you ever done any sort of blog challenge?



2 thoughts on “Modest March Challenge~~Day Thirty One~Bright Colors

  1. LOVED doing this challenge along with you! Thanks so much for thinking it up and sharing it!! If I had to pick a favorite outfit out of all 31…hmmm…I’m not sure I could pick one! One of my favorites though it the pop of color outfit! I think it’s so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much for doing this with me Jill!! I was really glad other people tried it out! I liked pop of color too… I can’t wait to read your last week of the challenge! 😀

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