Black Jeans Three Ways~~3rd Style

  I wore this to go look at houses today with my family. 😀 Gosh, we found this gorgeous house that we’re all kind of holding our breath…hoping it works out. Looking at houses is so fun, but sort of strange. Earlier my sister said, “I feel really weird going into people’s houses when they’re not home.” Lol.






And finally, a goofy picture with my sister in front of our “SOLD” sign. Because, hello, that is worth freaking out over!! :-O


I’m so thankful our house sold! As much as I love our neighbors and this house, I am so so excited to move into a new one and get some more space and a little bit of a change of scenery. 😉

How was your rainy Thursday?

Which style of the back jeans did you like the most?



7 thoughts on “Black Jeans Three Ways~~3rd Style

  1. I wanted to say something about the black jeans – you can typically find them in the Old Navy girls’ department. But don’t be fooled because I think at your size (you look really similar to me shape wise) you’d probably still fit into a 14/16 and not even look childish or anything LOL.

    It’s super sad but 14/16s are actually LARGER than a women’s 0/2. Crazy, right? Anyway, thought I would say that because you seem to be loving this pair. 😉

    My rainy Thursday turned into a gorgeous sunny evening. Love!


    1. Thanks for the tips! I found mine at Salvation Army for about $5–I thrift pretty much all of my clothing. 🙂 Probably cheaper than Old Navy! lol Yeah, sizes can be so weird! Anyways, thanks for the information. 😀 I do love these! (I”m wearing them right now).

      I’m glad you had nice weather eventually. We had thunderstorms Thursday night. But I *love* the smell of rain, so I didn’t really mind. 🙂

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