A Touch Of Boho

Wow! Feels like I haven’t blogged here in sooo long! The reason is because…we moved! 😀 On May 30, we moved into Canton. I wrote a little about it here.


Today I was really hoping I could go outside in our new big yard for pictures, but the rain just won’t let up! :p So these aren’t great photos. At least I’m posting something. 🙂


I shared this skirt back in March. I love the polka dots and pockets! 🙂

IMG_3950[1] IMG_3949[1]

Front and back. I had extra grey and white striped fabric from when I made my maxi skirt and so today I just kind of…tied it on like a headband. My hair is just twisted back on the sides and pinned.


This was a belt that came with a dress, but I wore it as a necklace.


Annnd…this is just a random bracelet. 🙂




So how is everyone’s summer starting off?

Naomi Rae


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