Lynwood Fashion

So I made this picture the other day for my blog, and edited it. It turned out really good! I accidentally put it in the end of my Tie Dye post, so some of you who follow my other blog may have already seen it. :p Face to the palm.


before… ^ plain old picture of our kitchen at 9 pm ^


After!!!!!! I love it. Maybe I’ll be a graphic designer.

Oh! Before I forget! My friend Maddy (whom I’ve never met but befriended over blogging) is trying to make blog buttons and sell them for people. She’s just starting out, and I don’t know if she is getting any business. 🙂 If any of you would like to order one, pop by her blog and contact her! It would make her day. Here’s her blog: Digital Diaries.

Have a lovely Tuesday!!


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