One Top — Three Ways 

Although it was extremely windy and my shoes got wet because of the squishy, muddy ground, I finally finally got an outfit up for the blog. 😀 Like I said, the wind blew my hair all around and it was kind of cloudy so the pictures had to be highly edited. But it’s something. 



Josh, making a ridiculous face…..

 My siblings walk to the park every time the weather is nice to get some exercise.  So I convinced Anna to take my pictures for me here. 🙂 

 I’m planning on posting  two more ways I like to wear this tunic. It’s a favorite of mine, bought at kohls. 😊 

Who else is enjoying the lovely spring temperatures? 


11 thoughts on “One Top — Three Ways 

  1. How absolutely adorable, Naomi! You never cease to share beautiful and flattering outfits! And I just have to say, those shoes are SO CUTE! Ah! Blessings to you on this upcoming week, lovely!

    1. Thank you Ashley!! I got the shoes at Five Below, so they were only $5! 😀 Have you ever been there? It’s a neat store. Sort of like a dollar store but nicer stuff. 😉

      1. Hey Naomi! Nope, I’ve never heard of that before! I don’t know if Oregon has a Five Below…I should check though- it sounds like a great place to find nice steals! 🙂 And I can say $5 for those shoes is quite a steal 😉 Blessings!

    1. thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my blog so much! i’ve been really really busy so i have taken a break from blogging but i took some pictures today and hope to post them soon!

      1. I will be doing some school throughout the summer but for the most part i am on break 🙂 by the way, i have another blog incase you haven’t seen it yet

    1. Thanks Melani!! I’ve been missing blogging…. 🙂 i have just been very busy and then i temporarily lost acces to my photos….sorry i dropped off so suddenly!! 😀 planning on a post soon!

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