Plaid + Sunflowers

I always think I’m going to have lots of time to blog during the summer, but for some reason the fall is always when i start it back up!! anyways, it’s been wayyy too long since i’ve posted! the other day anna and i took some pictures because we both had gotten some new clothes and it was really nice out. 🙂


lately i’ve been trying to collect a lot of “staples”, like a capsule wardrobe. has anyone heard of that? i guess it’s basically a collection of neutral, basic items of clothing that you can dress up or down, layer for different seasons, etc. so i’m kind of making my own capsule wardrobe. i like dressing in basic colors….my sister always says i should be more creative and wear neon colors. :p

i got this awesome black and white plaid shirt at…..wait for it..Salvation Army. My friend has started making fun of me because we’re there all the time. but it’s just so easy to find inexpensive things that would cost $20 at a name-brand store! anyways, i got the black dress there too. anyone who doesn’t have a plain, black short-sleeve dress, i recommend it. you can wear it to church, around the house, maybe even a wedding depending on the type. they’re so versatile!

ok, as much as i love thrift store shopping, i have a couple of “real” stores that i would recommend to anyone who doesn’t like the thought of wearing other people’s previously owned clothes…. ; ) one is Charlotte Russe. some of their stuff is a tad expensive, but for the most part it’s reasonable. perhaps my favorite buy there yet are these black boots that i’ve wanted to get for about a year.  they were only $10 too!! (sorry for the weirdly edited photo)

pic 2.jpg


next up, anna and her cute dress that she found at SA 🙂



Isn’t that pretty? she’s in 5th grade this year!!

well that’s all for today. i posted on my other blog, Minutiae, so check that out!



7 thoughts on “Plaid + Sunflowers

  1. Hey Naomi! I emailed you yesterday, but I wanted to leave on your blog that I am hosting a fall fashion guest post week through October 1-7. I’d love for you to be a part of it!

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