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Hi!! Thanks for stopping by at Lynwood Fashion.

I’m 14 and {like most other 14 years olds} love fashion. However, todays trends are becoming more and more immodest and revealing. That does not appeal to me, as I think everyone is uniquely created by God, and there body is meant to be respected and covered up.

Another thing you should know about me is that I am not saying that everyone need to dress in a floor length skirt and a turtle neck. Modesty doesn’t equal frumpy.

I wear jeans sometimes, and they aren’t always baggy bell bottoms.  🙂 I do believe everyone has their own standards, and some of the things I wear may be more or less conservative than others.

This blog is a place for me to hopefully inspire and encourage girls to dress modestly, and still look cute!

 I hope you enjoy this modesty blog! 🙂 Feel free to follow and comment!! I love getting comments (what blogger doesn’t?) and I would absolutely love to hear your tips and advice, as well as a blog you’d like to share.

Please enjoy!



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