Maxi Skirt As A Dress

This is my “mood” bracelet. It changes colors when it gets hot and cold. I guess it’s supposed to mean you’re angry when it’s blue, and I don’t know…sad? when it’s green. I just like all the colors it changes to. 🙂 In this picture, I was very cold! Well, I’ve been super busy with… Continue reading Maxi Skirt As A Dress

Black and Brown~~Stripes Again!

I’ve seen this outfit on Pinterest several times and I really like it. I know I really tweaked it, but I tried to recreate it, sort of. The scarf is the wrong color and it’s just a little off, but it worked for today. 🙂 I usually don’t like big ol’ chunky scarves like this,… Continue reading Black and Brown~~Stripes Again!

Around the House~~In Plaid

Today I dressed outside of my comfort zone. I don’t think that I look good in plaid, even though it looks awesome on other people. Today, however, I decided to go for it. I wore this shirt that I got last Christmas Eve. 🙂 Yeah. And I’ve hardly worn it! I’m glad I did today.… Continue reading Around the House~~In Plaid