s t r i p e s

please excuse my weird faces in all of these pictures..the only ones that turned out were the ones where i was talking or something hehe by the way, my blogger friend Melani at https://reflectionsoftheheartblog.wordpress.com/ just hosted a ten day series of guest bloggers, and i participated in it along with nine other great girls! Check… Continue reading s t r i p e s

Modest March Challenge~~Day Nineteen~Wear A Hat

Notice my shirt: The Grey Havens are an awesome two-person band that our church has been able to see “in concert”! The Grey Havens are a couple that have a very unique style; they describe themselves as a “folk-pop duo”. 🙂 I bought this tshirt at one of their concerts. Please look at their website… Continue reading Modest March Challenge~~Day Nineteen~Wear A Hat

Winter’s Coming… Denim & White

So I am kind of freaking out that it’s already slowly coming up on December. I’m glad because that means it’s almost Thanksgiving (my all time favorite holiday!!!!) but also…that means… Snow’s coming. I’m not a fan of winter. The photos are beautiful, true, and the snow can be breathtaking. But it also can be… Continue reading Winter’s Coming… Denim & White