Saturday in a Sweater

*blows dust off keyboard* I haven’t been around here for quite some time!! This little thing called education is taking up most of my days lately.  I don’t really mind it, but I do miss being able to have more time to blog. Anyways, I stole this out of my mother’s closet this morning. 😀… Continue reading Saturday in a Sweater

Black Jeans Three Ways~~3rd Style

  I wore this to go look at houses today with my family. 😀 Gosh, we found this gorgeous house that we’re all kind of holding our breath…hoping it works out. Looking at houses is so fun, but sort of strange. Earlier my sister said, “I feel really weird going into people’s houses when they’re… Continue reading Black Jeans Three Ways~~3rd Style

Pink Cardigan

I made this pink cardigan/sweater thing a while ago, but I’m kind of face-palming myself because I deleted the before photos thinking I’d never post pictures of it. :p Oh well. Basically, it was a long sleeve pink shirt that was to loose to wear with anything. So I literally cut it right down the… Continue reading Pink Cardigan

Modest March Challenge~~Day Twenty~Spring Is Here!

This scarf is actually made out of a Tshirt. I’m going to be doing a blog post soon on how to make it–it’s super easy. It’s finally the first day of spring!! 🙂 Today we are at my grandma’s house until tomorrow. (Hence the pictures in the woods… her house is surrounded by trees.) Have… Continue reading Modest March Challenge~~Day Twenty~Spring Is Here!