Black Maxi Skirt~~Two Ways

A maxi skirt is so easy to wear with anything!! 🙂 One of my favorites, though, is when I wore it with my Gray Havens tshirt. Oh, and just to clarify, Gray Havens is spelled with an A, not an E. I spelled it with an E like three times in that post. #andicallmyselfafan I… Continue reading Black Maxi Skirt~~Two Ways

Around the House~~In Plaid

Today I dressed outside of my comfort zone. I don’t think that I look good in plaid, even though it looks awesome on other people. Today, however, I decided to go for it. I wore this shirt that I got last Christmas Eve. 🙂 Yeah. And I’ve hardly worn it! I’m glad I did today.… Continue reading Around the House~~In Plaid

Purple and Grey

Today I was inspired to actually wear a skirt instead of jeans! 🙂 I love this skirt, but it is a little awkward for some reason. Just barely above ankle length. It’s probably because I made it. :p //outfit// Sweater: Actually from my neighbor 🙂 Scarf: $5  Five Below Skirt: Made by me Shoes: Salvation… Continue reading Purple and Grey