One Top — Three Ways 

Although it was extremely windy and my shoes got wet because of the squishy, muddy ground, I finally finally got an outfit up for the blog. 😀 Like I said, the wind blew my hair all around and it was kind of cloudy so the pictures had to be highly edited. But it’s something.     … Continue reading One Top — Three Ways 

Pink Cardigan

I made this pink cardigan/sweater thing a while ago, but I’m kind of face-palming myself because I deleted the before photos thinking I’d never post pictures of it. :p Oh well. Basically, it was a long sleeve pink shirt that was to loose to wear with anything. So I literally cut it right down the… Continue reading Pink Cardigan

Modest March Challenge~~Day Thirty One~Bright Colors

I had super frizzy poofy hair today because I had my damp hair pulled back in a messy, wild bun the whole night, so in the morning it kind of looked a little like I stuck my finger in an outlet. 😛 Thankfully it calmed down later in the day. It’s completed!! I may take… Continue reading Modest March Challenge~~Day Thirty One~Bright Colors